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Inside ‘House of the Dragon’ Part 2: “It’s a Powerful, Dark, Shakespearean Tragedy”

First read “Inside House of the Dragon Part 1: The Battle to Replace Game of Thrones.” Below, the story concludes … After HBO spent years searching to find the ideal successor series to the king of its platform, network executives picked a story that was about … what else? A struggle for succession. On the […]

Inside ‘House of the Dragon’: The Epic Mission to Make the Next ‘Game of Thrones’

War is certain — or so Daemon Targaryen hopes. The cunningly arrogant prince leads a strategy meeting inside the torchlit gloom of Dragonstone castle. “I want patrols along the island’s perimeter,” declares the glowering Daemon, clad in all black with long, silver-blond hair. “Conscript the dragon riders, they’re capable fighters … we have Syrax, Caraxes […]

Daniel Kaluuya Is Cool to Keep You Guessing

When the pandemic sent us into lockdown, Daniel Kaluuya watched a film a day. He opens the Notes app on his phone to show me the film diary he created. There are dozens of titles logged, along with notes. Juice. The Game. Interstellar. He tells me about falling back in love with The Prestige and […]

Maya Rudolph Is Hiding in Plain Sight

There aren’t too many things that terrify Maya Rudolph. The list is basically black widow spiders, stand-up comedy and walking into a roomful of people she doesn’t already know and having to introduce herself. The first on that list could actually kill her, and the latter two require her to be herself, which is “just […]

“You Went to Therapy for That?”: Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Oscar Isaac and the THR Drama Actor Roundtable

Oscar Isaac has just flown in from New York, where the Scenes From a Marriage and Moon Knight star was enjoying some much-deserved time off, and Succession’s Brian Cox will soon head to Miami for a documentary shoot. Loki’s Tom Hiddleston is about to go back into production, and The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey’s […]

The 30-Year Journey to AMC’s Groundbreaking Native American Drama ‘Dark Winds’

Nine miles outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the red-brown foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is an old casino surrounded by curious artifacts. A crashed helicopter, a couple of 1970s-era police cars and some dome-shaped dwellings dot the landscape of sandstone bluffs and savannah grasslands. This land belongs to the Tesuque Pueblo people, […]

Tears and Therapy With ‘Squid Game’ Star Jung Ho-yeon, Sandra Oh and THR’s Drama Actress Roundtable

“She’s so beautiful even when she cries,” said Emmy Rossum. The Angelyne star was seated next to Squid Game breakout Jung Ho-yeon, whose face was lined with tears as she reflected on her meteoric and anxiety-ridden rise at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Drama Actress Emmy Roundtable in late April. The model turned actress said she’d been […]

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on Life in New York and Sharing Top Billing: “We’ve Never Spent This Much Time Together”

Signs and banners advertising the revival of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite went up on 43rd Street’s Hudson Theatre in early March 2020. Above the marquee were glamorous portraits of its stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, 57, and Matthew Broderick, 60, New York’s most famous — and famously private — acting couple sharing a stage together for […]

The Paradox of Lea Seydoux

No one embodies the spirit, joy, glamour and paradoxes of the world's most famous film festival quite like French actress Léa Seydoux, who has screened 17 films on the Croisette, won the Palme d'Or, served on the jury and sparked controversy. With two new high-profile films premiering, she's back to do it all again: 'I've never been this happy to go to Cannes'


Michelle Pfeiffer Is Definitely Done Second-Guessing Herself (Probably!)

There is an inevitable moment during every Michelle Pfeiffer project when the actress tries doggedly to get herself out of it. “I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I can’t possibly do this for some crazy reason,'” she confesses, “some insurmountable thing that’s really not insurmountable, and my agents always see it coming.” Pfeiffer typically comes around, and […]

Power Stylists 2022: Behind the Scenes With Michael B. Jordan, Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart, Mary J. Blige and Their Image Makers

The top tastemakers who also dress Adele and Simu Liu reveal their style secrets, from fittings to, yes, those Oscars. Plus, Law Roach makes Stylist of the Year again!

Bill Hader Created a Killer to Cope

“Ugh, why can’t I just be chill? Just a modicum of chill. That would be great.” In his production office on the Sony lot where he is putting the final touches on the coming season of his HBO show Barry, Bill Hader recalls — with no small amount of angst — meeting some of his […]